Tuesday, 8 March 2011

GSO 6"RC Proper Deep Sky First Light

Finally... a clear night without a layer of high mist...

I knew what I was going to do, so got setup, used a 1 star sync with EQMOD, then the goto to M51, and that plonked M51 within the FOV of the 450d on the RC.

16 x 10 minutes @ ISO800, darks and flats
Imaging setup: GSO 6" RC, Canon 450d
Guiding: QHY5v, Konus Vista 80s
Mount: HEQ5
Software: PHD, APT, DSS and PS

I could have framed it better, but the image scale is a big improvement on the 80ED... This is uncropped.

There are a couple of issues... I discovered that my normal Av mode flats, again came out underexposed... I've no idea why, but as I knew what I was looking for, that was easily dealt with. The collimation is out, using liveview zoomed, I did a quick star test, and the airy disk has a slight list, but I wasn't going to let that stop me, as I really just wanted to get some data with it. I found when dismantling that I hadn't tightened both thumb screws, so may have had some camera flex, and I'm not 100% convinced I nailed focus.

But... I'm happy

Friday, 4 March 2011

M42 - Over the last three years

I thought it might be interesting to look back at my attempts at M42 over the last three years and compare the results.

All taken with the same 450d

Konus Vista 80s, NexStar SLT (AltAz)

C80ED, Unguidded

C80ED, Guided HEQ5

The reason my first attempt is so read, I used a Semi APO filter to help with the CA, and it removed a lot of blue.

Practice and improvements in kit and technique have really helped.