Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Update - Lunar

Oh.. how many for this one...

Oh well...

C80ED, 2xTC, 450d on a camera tripod

and with some colour

in the mist

For some Earthshine

A little different

Another Earthshine

And the Storm moon

Been some great Lunar halo's over the past couple of months, these are all 2 frame vertical panorama's

And then a couple of mosaics... most complete, one spoilt by cloud

Then I got a new scope, a GSO 6RC, a very well built piece of kit, solid with a superb focuser. More resolution that the 80ED, and a greater focal length. Not had a chance to really push it yet... but it's working well so far

Only 7 panes to test it out

and 20 panes

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Rue Du Lavoir said...

Great photos ! Great work !